Grass Fed Beef in Nebraska!

Name & Address Information
Pawnee Pride Meats
Paul and Cyndie Rohrbaugh
71718 617th Ave.
Steinauer, NE 68441
Phone: 402-869-2396
About: Our unfair advantage? Our grassfed beef is raised on virgin tallgrass prairie with 150+ species of native grasses and forbs. We add only clean air, deep well water, unrefined salt, and some of the most beautiful scenery in Southeast Nebraska.
Susieville Cattle Company/Thistle Dew Ranch
Susie Eickhoff
PO Box 590
Silver City, Ne 88062
Phone: 575-534-4529
About: Heritage Criollo Grass-fed Beef
High Point Bison
Glen and Jill Klawonn
68810 WCR 111
Pine Bluffs, NE 82082
Phone: 970-895-3303
About: Enjoy the best tasting grass-fed beef or buffalo you will ever find! We raise everything on our family farm on the borders of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska
Randy Barnes
Randy Barnes
40533 Anderson Ln
Halsey, NE 69142
Phone: 308-880-0974
About: We have 4 two year-old steers ready to sell today. Call or email for more details.