Why A Grass Fed Beef Directory?

GrassFedBeefDirectory.com was started in 2010 when I realized 3 important facts:

  1. Finding local, grass-fed beef growers was hard for the average consumer (the very people that the industry wants to reach) and they ARE looking for suppliers.
  2. EatWild.com was a pain to use (confusing layout, outdated information, lots of other stuff)
  3. Grass-fed beef producers are getting websites, but need help getting found by consumers.

Hence I have created GrassFedBeefDirectory.com and I am trying to make the site the easiest way for any American to find a local, grass-fed beef grower. Knowing the source of your food is a vital step in improving the health of people and the environment. It allows consumers to be responsible for their own health and also allows rewards responsible growers for producing a sustainable, healthy product.

Submit A Farm

If you are a grass-fed beef grower and want your farm listed (or you’re a customer and want to help your local producer get noticed) you may submit your farm here. The one-time fee of $49 can be paid with any credit card through PayPal (even if you don’t have an account with PayPal) and helps cover the cost of maintaining and promoting the site.

Contact Me

I welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve the site. Feel free to email me – robert “at” grassfedbeefdirectory.com